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Who Am I?

My Name is Pawan Rajput. I’m a Founder of Pawans Marketing and I help People personally in digital marketing to grow their business and Career at the NEXT LEVEL! This website is All About Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship, and My Personal Random Thoughts. Make Sure you subscribe website to get notification of every new blog!


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My Story

I started My Journey Of digital marketing unknowingly at the age of 15 [In 2017] and Currently, I’m 17 [2020]! I learned digital marketing with the intention of “How to make money online?” Instead of “I WANT TO LEARN DIGITAL MARKETING!” then I started my free blog website and workout on it to EARN MONEY ONLINE and I Failed!

That’s Why unknowingly I learned Digital Marketing!

After working on a free blog and learning other parts of digital marketing unknowingly I understand that ACTUALLY, I’m learning DIGITAL MARKETING! And I Enjoy it.

Periodically I start learning digital marketing and build my skill-set for FREE by following other people who already working on it.

By the way, if you are beginner in digital marketing then you can also follow me! I can help you and guide you.

Finally, After Learning I got my first Job at GYM as Digital Marketer! and I did that job very well and earn some money!


and In 2020 at the age of 17, I’ve experienced in digital marketing 2.5+ Years and I’m also able to earn some decent money online!

So, If you want to know more about me then watch this video in HINDI and Follow me on Social Media!

Thank you so much!

Thank You so much!

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